The Radical Disciple

Jesus is Lord.” While many of us would wholeheartedly confess this, all of us need to be mindful of Jesus’ admonishment: “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?” We will examine eight aspects of Christian discipleship that are commonly neglected, according to John Stott’s personal faith journey and extensive ministry to the evangelical world. We will learn through study of Scripture, personal reflections during the week, and sharing and encouragement from one another. Let us pray that the Lord will use this Sunday School series to transform our lives.


Oct 1

Introduction: What is a radical disciple?

Oct 8 (Thanksgiving)


Oct 15


Oct 22

Maturity  (moved one week earlier to this date)

Oct 29

500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Nov 5

Creation Care

Nov 12

Simplicity, part 1

Nov 19

Simplicity, part 2

Nov 26


Dec 3


Dec 10


Dec 17

Sharing: Following Jesus as Lord

References / Recommended Reading

  • John Stott, The Radical Disciple – some neglected aspects of our calling. (Downers Grove: InverVarsity Press, 2010).  Preface & Chapter 1

How to make the most of the sessions?

  • Read each chapter before the class.

  • Have a partner for sharing and prayer.

  • Use the preparation questions provided by the facilitators. Keep a simple journal on your reflections, and share with the class if you are comfortable.

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